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   Attorneys find it expedient to call Chrestman Group. Lawyers want to produce quality work. But most attorneys don't have at the ready an army of associates. So the lawyer is responsible for all the research and writing.
   The practice of law is demanding. And an attorney's time is limited. Yet there's so much to do. Meetings, hearings, depositions, trials, telephone calls, etc. Where does the time go?
   You need a lawyer. An experienced legal researcher and writer makes your firm more productive. You're able to file persuasive appellate briefs and attend meetings, hearings, and depositions. You're able to give long-time clients opinion letters worthy of their trust and prepare and try another client's case. So you can do more. And when you do more good work, the demand for your services likely increases. A satisfied client is your best advertisement. So why wouldn't you want as many as possible?

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  • - Trial Court Case Consultation
  • - Trial Court Brief Preparation
  • - Legal Memorandum Preparation
  • - Workers' Compensation Commission Brief Preparation
  • - Appellate Court Brief Preparation
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